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Reply to "Best Movies EVER!!!"

You lot are sooooo amazing! Either that or I have major memeory problems!!
Can I remember any titles? ....
a few butonly cos I've recently seen them!!!
High Fidelity (love the way they just talk music and tracks, is that a male thing?)
Jenn, is that the P&P with Colin Firth? that is soooooo .......

Classics are good

Cromwell, Man for All Seasons,

Why does no one like Godfather 111? (the part where Andy Garcia and she are in the kitchen ..... )

Now I've started .......

Star is Born (Barbara Sterisan and (Mmmm) Kris Kristofferson , a good old theraputic weepy!!

I'm sure I'll think of more!!

This is fun!! Remembering films !!!
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