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Reply to "Ben and Jerry's Game...."

Great to see all the creativity going on here!

Here's a couple additions to my list:

"Angel's Heap" Big Grin
This is s light whipped yogart dessert that is available in assorted fruit flavors; pinapple, mandarine orange, lemon chiffon, and lime. Or you can have any combination swirled, including all of them, creating a lucious rainbow of angelic delight. All are heaped up into a light fluffy peak of heavenly flavor.

"Fingers Of Love" Big Grin
Another deseert dish. You start off with delicate Lady Fingers , filled with fresh whipped cream, which are then topped with pure vanilla ice cream, covered in deep rich dark chocolate. The final touch is a generous sprinkling of light toasted cocoanut on a mound of more fresh whipped cream, and fianlly a heart shaped cherry to top it all off with Love.

Looking forward to seeing more great creations!

Kim Wink
    All times London, UK.

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