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Reply to "Ben and Jerry's Game...."

"Black And White Boysenberry" Big Grin
Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Ice Cream, swirled with sweetened boysenberries.

"Banana Dream Datenut" Big Grin
Creamy Banana Ice Cream with chunks of datenut bread in it, as in the style of cookies 'n cream.

"Into Temptation" Big Grin
Deep Dark Rich Chocolate Ice Cream filled with marisino cherries, cocoanut, almunds, raisins, marshmellows, and bits of butter peacon.

"Last One Standing" Big Grin
This isn't a flavor of ice cream, but rather a desert that is created or put together like a Banana Split.
This involves the inclusion of eight flavors of ice cream, eight toppings such as chocolate, strawberry, pinapple, marshmellow, butterscotch, rum, cherries, nuts, etc. on some fresh bananas and fresh strawberries in a large bowl, all topped off with whipped cream.
Several are ordered by several people. then we see who is the last one standing. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Kim Wink
    All times London, UK.

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