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Reply to "Bad Singles - why does Neil choose such poor singles to promote his music?"

Originally Posted by Paul H:


I'm inclined to agree, kittybear, although I surmise that Neil's record company likely picks the songs they think they have best chance of servicing to radio. I very much doubt that Neil chooses the songs (although he possibly gets a right of veto). You'd be amazed at how little say the artist actually gets in much of this.


Even going back to Neil's first solo album (She Will Have Her Way was the first UK single) I wasn't immediately taken by it. The song still feels forced to me. I adore Wherever You Are and it has a special place in my affection, but Anytime was THE single off One Nil. 


I'd suggest that Neil's record companies have always struggled marketing his songs. It perhaps doesn't help that each territory is slightly different (I mean, there is no definitive CH discography because everywhere released something different). Bu in the UK, I'd argue that Better Be Home Soon was a poor choice of single, Chocolate Cake proved less than popular...


And yes, I didn't rate Don't Stop Now or Saturday Sun as singles either.


Hi Paul

I'm not sure the record company is in control here.  Neil has signed up to Kobalt and on their website it says they provide record company services "without giving up ownership or control" so Neil can buy from them what he wishes in terms of label services.  Knowing how controling Neil can be with his music (and understandly so) I would guess he is calling the shots in this case, which is a mistake since Neil has openly admitted that he cannot recognise a single, for example he didn't recognise the single potential of WWY.

I agree that record companies have often struggled to market Finn music effectively but Neil doing it himself doesn't seem to work either. Surely what Neil needs some external more objective input. 

Half Full may have been joking when she said maybe he should ask us, but I think that is not a bad idea.  The logistics of having an outside mini-focus group to give advice maybe an issue but not one that is insurmountable. 

So Neil ask your fans we want to help
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