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Bad Singles - why does Neil choose such poor singles to promote his music?

Okay, I've just been listening to Flying in the Face of Love (lets call it FITFOL from now on) and the fact that I didn't register anything on first hearing was a bad sign, not a hook, not a lyric, not even a jot of connection. Now because it is a Finn song I have re-listened several times and the best words I can come up with are beige, bland and dull. 

I hope and pray I can have an epiphany and change my view but at present I don't see that happening.  Divebomber wasn't much fun, I can't say it's an enjoyable piece of music but it made me think and feel, FITFOL just seems to slide off.

Now I could have just added these thoughts to the main FITFOL thread but after some thought I decided that maybe my concerns were bigger that just not liking the first single because there is a touch of deja vu going on here.

I remember first hearing Don't Stop Now and being distinctly unimpressed with it as the first single from Crowded House in over 10 years.  I remember loving SS as an acoustic piece but less so as the first single off Intriguer.  I loved ESOTW but knew it should never have been a single at all!

I remember being very upset when the best single of Intriguer TIYL and the best single off PJC,TNT for 2, were allowed to  sink without a trace at the tail end of a series of poor single releases.

So why has this happened in the past? and is it going to happen again? because I don't see FITFOL doing anything other sinking without a trace as a promotional song. 

This doesn't bode well for Dizzy Heights and now I'm wondering what lovely music gem of a single track Neil is going overlook or leave till last when it will also sink unappreciated.

Please tell me I'm wrong, I don't want history to repeat but it appears singles wise Neil is stuck in a cycle of poor choices.
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