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Reply to "Aussie Music Fans Please Help!!!"

[At the risk of starting everything again...]

Out of all the lists I've seen here this is actually the one I agree with -

Originally posted by Donovan:
You Am I
Tim Rodgers
Midnight Oil
Augie March
Easy Beats
Art of Fighting
Paul Kelly
Nick Cave
The Dirty Three
David Bridie/My Friend the Chocolate Cake
the Church
Bluebottle Kiss
The Saints
Karma County
Weddings Parties Anything
The Fauves
La Huva
Johhny O'Keefe
Particularly at the moment -

Knievel - oh lovely lovely Knievel... Big Grin
Augie March - apparently on their way to England in 2003! Woohoo!!
You Am I - possibly one of the most overlooked bands I've ever come across. Everyone seems to go on to much bigger better things while they get left where they are. Why is this? WHY??
Art of Fighting
and the wonderful Paul Kelly.

But really I like em all, though I would add Powderfinger cos I'm like that sometimes. And Dave Graney. And anyone else I can't think of right now but might remember later on.

And I agree about the NO Alex Lloyd. I heard the promo thing they gave out at the Manchester Neil show in 2001 and wasn't impressed. I can't see what all the fuss is about TBH.
    All times London, UK.

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