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Reply to "Aussie Music Fans Please Help!!!"

Good list, Bono. I think you pretty much covered it. Most of those songs are probably the ones you'd use to get someone into the artists.

Donovan - Your list wasn't really all that much different to Bono's (the one you ripped shreds into) - you just selected different bands with basically the same style... although your selection must be way superior! Roll Eyes

The Mavis's - cry
george (probably not "party music", but classic stuff)
Paul Kelly (take your pick!)
Savage Garden (again, take your pick. listenable pop music!)
Something For Kate - monsters
28 Days - song for jasmine
Bachelor girl - buses & trains
Divinyls - i touch myself
Eskimo Joe - their cover of planet earth
Frente! - accidently kelly street
Hunters & Collectors - throw your arms... / holy grail
The Living End (take your pick)
Kylie Minogue - some kind of bliss (...or not. this music is fake!)
Motor Ace
Mark Seymour (H&C) - home again
Slim Dusty - pub with no beer
Judith Durahm (sp?) - i am australian (classic stuff! play this one!)

Good luck with it!
    All times London, UK.

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