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Reply to "Attention OSCARS BUFFS!!!!!"

Go Heidi! Excellent predictions!

My new theory is that they used security as an excuse to keep Joan and Melissa off the red carpet. I appreciated them just as much calling 'em from the second floor of the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel - and nobody had to talk to 'em!

I loved seeing all the color and great frocks! If anybody "toned down" they were at least as dressed as they ought to have been for this showcase

Joan seemed a little rattled by the change in plan, but Melissa was more than up to the challenge.

I swear this year's cut 'em off strategy was a mic that sank into the floor - didja notice that anybody who wanted to go on was forced to crouch lower and lower?

Michael Moore did not think he would win - he is so incisive and he deserves to rant.

My dream job's in the e-mail today from West Hollywood - it's like Hollywood but further west with better delis and style. And further west. I'm a little thinking about having a commuter relationship with Bako.

I was knocked out when the awards ended promptly at 9pm (pacific time) - war time austerity or serendipity or fortuitousness- you be the judge!

Oh, and should I forsake Bako for We-Ho?
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