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Reply to "Attention OSCARS BUFFS!!!!!"

Final tally for me......12. I'm always happy with anything in double digits, but have yet to top 14 (from 2001). Last year I only guessed 9, so redeemed myself a little. Wink Just wow.

Was that a mighty performance from U2 or what?

Biggest upsets: Adrien Brody, some bad anime flick beating out Ice Age (but at least that piece-a crap Lilo & Stitch didn't win), Roman Polanski edging Scorsese.


Mike Moore: an opinion stated badly discredits others who hold that opinion. Went too far for propriety. Everyone else who went there, did so graciously, at least.

Best Acceptance speech: Adrien Brody. Talk about verklempt!!!!

Guy I felt sorriest for: the guy who was stuttering and got chopped off by the orchestra. That was just WRONG.

Um, like is Nicole Kidman totally always like a bimbo? For real?


Peter O'Toole: "Always the bridesmaid never the bride, MY FOOT...I finally HAVE one!!!"

Steve Martin: "Everyone else here was dressed by Armani, but Sean Connery was dressed by Red Lobster." Another one of MANY good jokes from him I remember...talking about what a great year it's been for Jack Nicholson, who got to sit in a hot tub with Kathy Bates, but then, who hasn't been naked in a hot tub with Kathy Bates?

...and when the producer for Best Picture Chicago wondered who else he should thank, and Hilary Swank yelled out, "THANK YOUR WIFE!!!" This was hilarious because when Swank won her best actress Oscar in 2001 for "Boys Don't Cry," she forgot to thank husband Chad Lowe and was roundly criticized for it in the press...

The thing where Steve Martin talked about "movie stars I've slept with who have been too gracious to tell anyone" was really danged funny, too.


Several stars notably missing...Kevin Spacey? Mel Gibson? hmmmmm.....

We didn't realize that the cinematographer from Road to Perdition had recently died. Had I known that, I would have re-cast that vote. Another that should have been predictable was Frida for makeup.

It was really, super cool to see Julie Andrews, Olivia deHavilland, and Kirk and Michael Douglas up there together. As always, there were some in the "dead people montage" who I didn't realize died, and then in the "past winners" lineup, several stars I thought were dead who are still alive!!!

Pro-peace seemed to be the overriding vibe in the room, and that was cool with me...though at least 3 celebs were sporting American flags in support...Marty Ingels, Matthew McConaghey, and Sean Astin.

Funniest line from 7-year-old daughter during broadcast: "Mommy, when is U2 gonna take his glasses off?"


Best dressed: the lady who shared the stage with Mickey Mouse, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Connolly, Colin Farrell, Sean Connery, Selma Hayek.

Worst dressed: Heather Graham, J Lo (who last year had a great dress and bad hair, and this year went with great hair and a horrible dress...), Julianne Moore (looked like a fish).

Facial hair or stubble seemed to be IN this year, with Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Denzel Washington. Skunk-haired guy beating Nia Vardalos: not cool.

Worst accessorizing: Meryl Streep's necklace, and Harrison Ford wearing a creepy cuff-link shaped like Calista Flockhart...
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