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Reply to "Attention OSCARS BUFFS!!!!!"

OK, before the broadcast, here are my picks (but as you understand, I may change a couple during the broadcast, so my husband will have to vouch for what I got right).

Best Actor: Jack Nicholson
Best Supporting Actor: Chris Cooper
Best Actress: Nicole Kidman
Best Supporting Actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Best Animated Feature: Ice Age
Best Art Direction: Chicago
Best Cinematography: Chicago
Best Costumes: Chicago
Best Directing: Martin Scorsese
Best Documentary: Bowling for Columbine
Best Short Documentary: Twin Towers
Best Editing: Chicago
Best Foreign Language: Hero
Best Makeup: The Time Machine
Best Score: Catch Me If You Can
Best Song: The Hands That Built America by U2
Best Picture: Chicago
Best Animated Short: Mike's New Car
Best Live Action Short: Johnny Flynton
Best Sound: Spider-Man
Best Sound Editing: Lord of the Rings
Best Visual Effects: Lord of the Rings
Best Screenplay, Adapted: The Hours
Best Screenplay, Original: Greek Wedding

Notes on picks, briefly:

I am pretty confident in my actor and actresses, and best picture picks, but director and cinematography were really tough. In the case of director, three directors totally deserve it and it may come down to when in the war process the votes were finalized...and while Polanski is a strong dark horse, Scorsese gets my vote because HE'S NEVER WON. (If I'm wrong on screenplay, I might have to change directors.)

Cinematography is tough because Chicago will win ONLY if the director is passed over, but Cin is handed out first...otherwise, Far From Heaven did some very interesting, compelling stuff.

With my SONG vote I am casting for who I THINK will win, not for who I think deserves it most (Eminem).

With my ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY vote, my yearly throwaway is going to Nia because I love her, but I think she'll lose to Gangs of New York. Every year I have to cast one vote for someone I know will probably lose, but who I passionately feel deserved it...but then, last year my passionate throwaway was Randy Newman, and then he WON!!!! So we'll see. I'm sticking with Nia because she's great, not because she'll win.

I feel really sorry for Steve Martin, because levity when the stars are bailing and the red carpet has been rolled up, is gonna be tough. But you know what, if it had to be someone and couldn't be Billy Crystal, I'm glad it's him because he's gracious and sincere as well as silly. I'll be waiting to see which stars get political in which directions and what happens when the producers squash it with orchestra music.

Who else is gonna guess??????
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