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Reply to "Attention OSCARS BUFFS!!!!!"

the 'main' results of this weeknds BAFTA's, the 'british oscars' were:-

Best film
The Pianist

Best director
Roman Polanski - The Pianist

Best actor in a leading role
Daniel Day-Lewis- Gangs of New York

Best actress in a leading role
Nicole Kidman - The Hours

Best actor in a supporting role
Christopher Walken - Catch Me If You Can

Best actress in a supporting role
Catherine Zeta Jones - Chicago

someone suggested that the 'best film not in the english language' award should go to 'scooby doo'

no sign of polanski at this ceremony either. i think michael caine was expecting best actor for 'the quiet american'. he looked a bit grumpy throughout. what was a bit baffling about our awards is that quite a few of the films nominated aren't on general release yet or have just come out in the past week or so. they move in mysterious ways.
    All times London, UK.

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