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Reply to "Any Best Of Neil Finn (Solo)?"

Paināporo posted:

Excellent. Here's what I recommend. You see the problem with Neil Finn is that his best songs are almost always slow or mid-tempo middle of the road pop songs. Don't get my wrong, they're the best songs ever written, but when you put them all together the result can be a bit dull. So you gotta spice it up with some of Neil's more interesting material. Otherwise you'll lose your listener. With that in mind, I like something along these lines:

  1. Bodhisattva Blues - 7 World Collide
  2. Can't Put It Down Until It Ends - Pajama Club
  3. Hole in the Ice (One All mix) - Neil Finn
  4. The Spirit of the Stairs (Neil solo version circa 1998) - Neil Finn
  5. Nothing Wrong With You - Finn Brothers
  6. Flying in the Face of Love - Neil Finn
  7. Souvenir - Neil Finn
  8. Last Day of June - Finn Brothers
  9. Won't Give In - Finn Brothers
  10. She Will Have Her Way - Neil Finn
  11. These Are Conditions - Pajama Club
  12. Last to Know (One All mix) - Neil Finn
  13. Anything Can Happen - Finn Brothers
  14. Dizzy Heights - Neil Finn
  15. Tokyo - Neil Finn
  16. Chameleon Days - Neil Finn
  17. Sinner - Neil Finn
  18. Driving Me Mad (One Nil mix) - Neil Finn
  19. Last One Standing - Neil Finn
  20. We Know What It Means - Neil & Liam Finn

This is amazing Painaporo! Out of curiosity, do you have anything similar for Tim?

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