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Reply to "Am I the only one who loves 2007-2010 Crowded House?"

Steve Shealy posted:
Secret God (Stew) posted:

@Paul H, the 2005-2006 sessions were the first main project Neil worked on following Paul Hester's death, and I think having Nick back playing bass was mainly about the two reacquainting themselves with one another.

Unlike @Jaffaman I obviously wasn't present in the recording sessions or anything like that, but I do remember a TV interview from 2006, featuring both Neil and Nick, where they talked about how good it felt to be working together again.

When pressed about what the batch of songs would be released as, no straight answer was given. Neil did mention something about possibly starting another band together. So when Jaffaman referred to a "band" album a few comments ago I knew exactly what he meant.

At the time I genuinely thought the album would be released under a name other than Neil Finn or Crowded House. When the Crowded House reunion was announced I was actually quite shocked. Despite Neil and Nick recording together I was certain the Crowded House boat had sailed with Paul's death.

That was just my impression at the time, and for all we know Neil and Nick had secretly planned for a Crowded House reunion, but were holding off on the announcement until a bit later. Would love to see that interview again! Anyone else recall it? My guess it that it was on the ABC.

I still firmly believe Time on Earth began as a solo album, slowly morphing into a unknown project with Nick once recordings were underway, which eventually morphed into a Crowded House album once it was decided that was the best option.

Since Crowded House had officially been broken up, and a "Farewell to the World" concert played, along with Afterglow to clean up loose ends, it is not too surprising that Neil and Nick were considering a new band together (although this is the first time I've heard that). May have been the label's preference, or maybe nostalgia on Neil's part to revive the CH moniker.

No matter what, the label says Crowded House, so who are we to say otherwise?

Completley agree 

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