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Reply to "Am I the only one who loves 2007-2010 Crowded House?"

I think you raise a fair point @Paul H.

I completely understand Neil and Nick not inviting Mark to take part in the sessions, as at the time the album was not planned to be released under the Crowded House moniker.

I wonder what the story was with Peter Jones not being involved in the reunion though. Once Mark was back in the fold, and Crowded House had officially reformed, I saw no reason why Peter wouldn't have been the default and most logical choice. He was the band's drummer from 1994 until 1996, recorded in the studio with them, and even played a few songs at Farewell to the World despite Paul being back for the occasion. On top of being a great drummer, he was also close with Nick following the break-up, with both being members of Aussie band Deadstar.

Of course I have no inside knowledge into the decisions being made at the time, and for all I know he may have been invited and declined the offer. Does anyone know if he was even considered? I realise he sadly died from brain cancer in 2012, so perhaps he had health issues as far back as 2006, which prevented his participation? Anyone have any insight on this? (@Jaffaman, @gryphon)

And if not Peter Jones, then why didn't Ethan Johns become the new Crowded House drummer? He was all over that album, playing drums on the majority of the tracks. He even provided backing vocals and harmonies, mixed half the album, did the string arrangements on a few songs and also played various types of guitars on different songs.

Mark (and Matt) did still play on four of Time on Earth's songs (Don't Stop Now, She Called Up, Even a Child and Transit Lounge), so at the very least we did get what was effectively a Crowded House EP amongst the new batch of songs. Three of those four 'Crowded House' songs were released as single in some capacity (Even a Child only a promo), so there was definitely more emphasis placed on the full band tracks over the "solo" material.

@Paul H, How would you (or anyone else reading this) have gone about things at the time? Or how do you think Neil, Nick and co. should have gone about things? I'm genuinely interested.

Should the original 12 Time on Earth songs (I'm including Lost Island and Stare Me Out here) have been quickly released as a solo record in late 2006? Perhaps with a quick low-key 8-10 date Australian & New Zealand tour and a few TV appearances?

That would have allowed them to hold off on a reunion announcement until 2007, and perhaps released a 4-track EP of the actual  new Crowded House songs, followed by a proper album when they were ready?

Should the 12 Neil & Nick songs have been shelved completely? (at least until further notice). What if they were all re-recorded with Matt replacing Ethan's drum tracks and Mark replacing most of the guitar and adding his backing vocals? Would that have made it more of a Crowded House  album to you?

Anyway, I've written far too much for the one post so I'll leave it at that!

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