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Reply to "2016 Album Reissues: What's Missing?"

First, yes, Jeremy has done some incredible work and he deserves a lot of praise for what looks like a stunning collection. Thank you Jeremy!

It's really hard to know what you're missing on a collection like this. We know Cemetery in the Rain was demoed but I've never heard anyone speak particularly highly of it, so I guess that's why it was left off. I am surprised there is no demo of "Grabbing by the Handfuls" or the Paul led track from 1985 that includes the lyric "Pulled up heaving from the bottom of the ocean" in the chorus (but sounds nothing like "When You Come").

The Temple of Low Men disc relies heavily on live takes, which isn't too surprising. I was always under the impression that the ToLM era was light on rarities, though I would have included the cover of "She's Not There".

The Woodface disc has many of the Finn Brothers demos that we've already heard, but I super excited to be able to hear the "All I Ask" demo and to finally have "Fields are Full of Your Kind".

I am also surprised that "Convent Girls" is on the Together Alone disc. It sounds so much like a Woodface track, but I guess it's not. Really looking forward to hearing that one. Was is really recorded at Karekare along with Newcastle Jam?

Yeah, it's hard to complain. I am thrilled and cannot wait to hear it. I'll finally be able to create what I call the Lost Crowded House Albums. One between Temple and Woodface and one after Together Alone.  Those track listings now look like this (not sequenced):

Another World Waiting
1. Anyone Can Tell
2. Sacred Cow
3. Dr. Livingston
4. Legs Are Gone
5. I Love You Dawn
6. Fields are Full of Your Kind
7. Creek Song/Left Hand (one song? two songs?)
8. My Telly's Gone Bung
9. Recurring Dream (Woodface b-side version)
10. Time Immemorial

Lost Tapes
1. Everything is Good For You
2. Instinct
3. Not the Girl You Think You Are
4. Anthem
5. Spirit of the Stairs
6. I Don't Know You
7. Taste of Something Divine
8. Help is Coming
9. Loose Tongue (rough mix)
10. I'm so Scared of Living I can't Compete
11. Be My Guest (which now looks like a Woodface demo, so maybe not)
12. Dots on the Shell (acoustic version) (maybe)
13. Most Unwanted (live) (maybe)


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