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Reply to "2016 Album Reissues: What's Missing?"

Don't know where to start! First things first:

1. Thank you Jeremy for all your hard work curating and making recommendations. A fabulous job to have (and one we're all envious of) but possibly also VERY hard because there must have been some tough decisions to make.

2. Thank you for your point by point responses. I'm sure these details will crop up in the new booklets but I for one really do appreciate having feedback on what's NOT there because, well, omissions aren't likely to be discussed in the booklets, are they?!

3. I'm not disappointed by the lack of the many released alternative mixes (because I have them and, perversely, am rather glad my painstaking attempts at definitive needledrops haven't been wasted!) but I think it's sad that Neil didn't feel them worthwhile. (They were worthwhile enough to make us fork out to buy them back in the day !!) I'd particularly take issue with him regarding She's Not There. I think CH's version is wonderful.

The one comment that really piqued my interest is your response to Blue Hotel. It was included on a five-disc Intriguer Outtakes CDR that Peter auctioned for the fan club. I assumed from it's appearance on that disc that it was a band rehearsal (even though it didn't sound like one). I wonder why it was included on that disc if it wasn't a band recording...

I'm also surprised at your observation that most of the studio outtakes were just sloppy attempts. Given their penchant for improvisation I really expected a few meanderings and humorous breakdowns etc. Clearly, they were more serious in the studio than they are on stage!

And finally (for now!): Frank's Dark Past was an IMPROV??? *insert lost for words emoticon*

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