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Reply to "2016 Album Reissues: What's Missing?"

lavar78 posted:

Another vote for "Frank's Dark Past," that's a pretty big omission for me.

"Cars Collide" and "789" were omitted from the Intriguer bonus tracks. The latter's resemblance to the Sesame Street theme probably explains its absence. While the former had ideas that later appeared in "Saturday Sun," it's a pretty well-defined song in its own right.

Fingers crossed that the live version of "Twice If You're Lucky" is the second (superior IMO) version.

Jeremy confirmed on another thread that there isn't a studio version of "Tail of a Comet."

Over the moon excited about a studio versions of "Convent Girls," "Better Things" and "Newcastle Jam"!

"Frank's Dark Past" - Yeah, I probably could have added the live version. Thought the subject matter was a bit obscure for an international audience all these years later. Ah well.

"Cars Collide" - I could only find a very murky sounding single-mic-in-the-room early band demo of this. A good version would have been cool. Listening to it now... very Smiths-like in places.

"789" is there as "The Intriguer".

The live version of "Twice If You're Lucky" is from Leigh Sawmill, which you've heard, but remixed by Eddie. I'd hoped to include one of the very different, darker versions but Neil didn't like 'em.

Glad you're excited about those three studio tracks you mentioned. So am I!

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