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Reply to "2016 Album Reissues: What's Missing?"

Paul H posted:

Indeed. I sincerely hope that no-one misinterprets any discussion about what's missing as a lack of gratitude or excitement. I'm genuinely thrilled at the prospect of what's to come but I would have liked more band studio out-takes and fewer demos and I don't think it hurts to explore what was left out.

I also note that one of the tracks included on the fan club auction CDR of Intriguer outtakes remains missing: Blue Hotel. I was never sure if that was a solo demo or band recording.

And where are the studio recordings/demos of the songs that were auditioned in front of live audiences? Songs like The Only Way To Go Is Forwards and Beautiful Life or the second (but abandoned) version of Twice If You're Lucky?

(And while I'm flexing my memory muscles, also missing are the remixes of Pour Le Monde and She Called Up...)

Don't worry about this discussion being misinterpreted. It's all part of the excitement to discuss it all. From Day 1 I knew this sort of thread would pop up on Frenz Forum. Every time we added to or subtracted from the tracklist, I thought of everyone on the forum and what they were likely to say!

I would have liked more studio out-takes too but, in most cases, they just came across as slightly sloppier versions of the final takes, with mumbled lyrics. While I was often ok with that, Neil wasn't.

"Blue Hotel" was a solo recording and wasn't written for Crowded House, so wasn't considered, initially. I suggested it to Neil at the last minute but it was too late by then. Never mind. I must add it to the Kitchen Sink III on one day!

I decided to only go with one version each of "The Only Way To Go Is Forwards" and "Beautiful Life". The live version of the former is unbeatable. The studio version was done pretty early on in the pre-production stage of the album and didn't match the energy of the live recording. The studio version of "Beautiful Life" isn't bad but it too wasn't completed.

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