2016 Album Reissues: What's Missing?

I'd just like to start off by thanking Jeremy for the amazing work he's put in with these re-releases. Personally I love the way these albums are presented. I honestly never imagined we would be getting so many bonus tracks. Especially never expected bonus discs for Afterglow, Time on Earth and Intriguer. Not to mention 32-page booklets with so much included!

BUT, let's be honest, there will always be fans who'll get upset over the exclusion of certain tracks. So I thought I'd get a post in early. Off the top of my head I can only think of a few songs I would have liked to have seen on the bonus disc track listing, but I'm certainly not making any complaints!

But I thought I'd ask you guys about rare songs you would have liked to have seen included. Feel free to list demos or live versions of album tracks that could have been present too.

Here's the track listing for the bonus discs. I'll try and update this post with your suggestions too! Let's try and get a complete list of "Shoulda been on there" tracks

1. Something So Strong (home Demo)
2. Hole In The River (studio Demo)
3. Love You ‘til The Day I Die (home Demo)
4. That’s What I Call Love (studio Demo)
5. Can’t Carry On (studio Demo)
6. Walking On The Pier (studio Demo)
7. Does Anyone Here Understand My Girlfriend (studio Demo)
8. Oblivion (studio Demo)
9. Walking On The Spot (studio Demo)
10. Something So Strong (studio Demo)
11. Now We’re Getting Somewhere (studio Demo)
12. Stranger Underneath Your Skin (home Demo)
13. Don’t Dream It’s Over (home Demo)
14. Left Hand (live)
15. Grabbing By The Handful (live)
16. World Where You Live (writing Demo)
17. Recurring Dream (original Version)

1. Whispers and Moans (home demo)
2. Never Be The Same (home demo)
3. Dream On (home demo)
4. Never Been Born (rehearsal excerpt)
5. Think I’m Gonna Change (home demo)
6. Into Temptation (home demo)
7. Fire Will Keep Me Warm (In The Lowlands home demo)
8. Love This Life (home demo)
9. Sister Madly (studio out-takes)
10. Mansion In The Slums (live)
11. This Is Massive (live)
12. Love This Life (live)
13. In The Lowlands (live)
14. I Feel Possessed (live)
15. Burnt Out Tree (live)
16. Mr Tambourine Man (live)
17. Eight Miles High (live)
18. So You Want To Be A Rock’n’Roll Star (live)
19. When You Come (live)
20. Sister Madly (live)
21. Better Be Home Soon (live)

WOODFACE: 2016 Bonus CD
1. Burnt Out Tree (HOME Demo)
2. I May Be Late (HOME Demo)
3. She Goes On (HOME Demo)
4. As Sure As I Am (HOME Demo)
5. My Legs Are Gone (STUDIO)
6. You Got Me Going (HOME Demo)
7. Italian Plastic (HOME Demo)
8. Be My Guest (HOME Demo)
9. Weather With You (HOME Demo)
10. Chocolate Cake (HOME Demo)
11. How Will You Go (HOME Demo)
12. It’s Only Natural (HOME Demo)
13. Four Seasons In One Day (HOME Demo)
14. There Goes God (HOME Demo)
15. Catherine Wheel (HOME Demo)
16. All I Ask (HOME Demo)
17. Fields Are Full Of Your Kind
18. Creek Song/Left Hand
19. Fall At Your Feet (EARLY Version Rehearsal)
20. The Burglar’s Song (MEDLEY)
       – Around The Uk In 7 Minutes (LIVE)
21. I’m Still Here (FULL Version)

1. Blue Smoke (home Demo)
2. Fingers Of Love (writing Demo)
3. Private Universe (home Demo)
4. The Same Language As Me (live)
5. Tail Of A Comet (live)
6. Distant Sun (writing Demo)
7. I Am In Love (band Demo)
8. Fingers Of Love (band Demo)
9. Fingers Of Love (alernative Studio Take)
10. Black And White Boy (early Rough Mix)
11. Locked Out (Zen Mix)
12. Newcastle Jam (studio Version)
13. Convent Girls
14. Zen Roxy

AFTERGLOW: 2016 Bonus CD
01. I am in love home (demo)
02. instinct home (demo)
03. spirit of the stairs home (demo)
04. I’m so scared of losing I can’t compete home (demo)
05. everything is good for you home (demo)
06. not the girl you think you are home (demo)
07. anthem
08. I don’t know you studio (demo)
09. taste of something divine studio (demo)
10. spirit of the stairs studio (demo)
11. loose tongue (rough mix)
12. instinct
13. everything is good for you
14. not the girl you think you are

TIME ON EARTH: 2016 Bonus CD
1. She Called Up (home demo)
2. A Sigh (home demo)
3. Here’s a Note (studio demo)
4. Purple Light (studio demo)
5. So Dramatic
6. Stare Me Out (alternative version)
7. Distance Across (studio demo)
8. Lost Island
9. Stare Me Out
10. Bound To Rescue (home demo)
11. Don’t Stop Now (home demo)
12. Won’t Be Silent (home demo)
13. People Are Like Suns (piano version)

INTRIGUER: 2016 Bonus CD
1. Only Way To Go Is Forward (live)
2. Beautiful Life (live)
3. Either Side Of The World (live)
4. Twice If You’re Lucky (live)
5. Bound To Rescue (live)
6. God Lives Over The Road (studio Demo)
7. Isolation (studio Demo)
8. Better Things (studio Demo)
9. Even If (take 1)
10. Archer’s Arrows (alternative Version)
11. Saturday Sun (alternative Version)
12. The Intriguer (studio)
13. Turn It Around
14. Eyes Grow Heavy
15. Two Minutes Of Silence
16. Nonsense Of Course

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