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Reply to "1988 Sydney State Theatre Show on Aussie TV"

Originally posted by silent stream:
Australian pay TV is advertising the 1988 Sydney State Theatre show (Temple of Low Men era) as running on April 25 on channel VH1 (?) at 10am ... (my dates / times may be slightly out, happy to be corrected - i dont have pay tv and saw it at the office and didn't have a pen to write it down) ...

No need to stand corrected silent stream because your info there is all correct. Smiler 10am EST/9:30am CST/8am WST, Channel VH1, on ANZAC day (April 25th). They've been advertising this wildly on most Foxtel channels and also there is a teeny tiny write up about this on Page 67 of this month's Foxtel Mag. I know for a fact that all Foxtel advertising of show times and the Mag is always all listed in EST. I assume that Austar would possibly be the same.

From what I caught on tape once when the SST show was shown on Max just after Paul Hester's passing (Max was doing tributes left, right & center and the SST show was one thing broadcast as part of those tributes) this is well worth watching if you get the chance. Big Grin

Far out! There's been a fair amount of Crowded House related stuff on Foxtel lately. The Sydney State Theatre show comes on top of:

    *Max Masters - Crowded House on Max last Thursday night/early Friday morning (as well as the week before. Same time too - late Thurs night/early Fri morning)
    *Superstar Top 20 - Crowded House on Max yesterday morning at 8am Adelaide time
    *Soundtrack to my Life - Crowded House on Max two weeks ago
    *Rockwiz - Special Guest Paul Hester on Max last week
    *Great Australian Albums - Crowded House Woodface on Max tonight @ 11pm EST!

All this definitely has to have something to do with the upcoming release of Intriguer. Cool
    All times London, UK.

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