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I was listening to the latest Bis CD, "Return To Central", the other week and the final track, 'A Portrait From Space" was bugging me, until I realised it reminded me of some of Eddie's Enz instrumentals like Wail, the Choral Sea or the Lost Cat. I'm not saying it ripped them off, but there's a general feel of... Enz-ishness (for want of a real word) about the sounds they used.

Which made me think this would be an interesting topic - What other artists or songs remind you of the Enz? And do you think there's been a deliberate 'influence'? (I'd be interested in hearing of any plagiarism you think might have happened. Personally, I've always thought Tim should sue the Corrs for ripping off "Home For My Heart" in "Only In My Dreams" Mad ...)

To start the ball rolling, there's a track at the end of Splendid's album 'Have you got a name for it', that takes the guitar riff from I See Red (it's untitled, but Angie Hart keeps singing "I got You, under my skin" - coincidence?)

And the British indie band Salad always reminded me of the Enz as well, mainly on the tracks the drummer wrote, like "Drink the Elixir". I thought there was a bit of a Noel thing going on in the percussion on it.

I know there's more out there, but I can't remember too many right now. So what do you think? Where has the Enz-influence spread over the years?...
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i've only heard one band that makes me go "hey, that sounds like enz!" and that's ben folds five. i think they were guest vj's on mtv the summer of 97 and they played the "instinct" video!! if i wasn't watching, armed with a tape in the vcr, i still wouldn't have seen it to this day, probably! Eeker
oh yeah, there's another band and i can't remember their name for the life of me!!! they were on the punk side and i think local but that's all i know, maybe the doughboys, but i'm not sure....poo. well, i do remember saying every time i heard them that they sounded like the enz!

and then there's the other side of the spectrum, sort of, where my boyfriend mentions how the enz sound like early genesis, every time he listens to them. but they were recording around the same time, right? so if there was any influence between those two, which came first? hmmmm~~
Indeed the early Enz and early Genesis do sound kind of similar, especially "Walking down a road". I don't think Genesis were a direct influence even though they were around a couple of years before the Enz, but they were both very much in the prog rock movement of the mid 70s. Enz fans should check out the Genesis album "And then there were three" (1978). Not their best by any means, but probably the one that sounds most like SE.
Hmm, this thread started off talking about artists who have been influenced by Split Enz (rather than vice versa), but since we're on the subject ... King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man" reminds me of the epic tracks on "Second Thoughts" like like "Walking Down a Road" and "Stranger Than Fiction". Smiler
Go to and listen to a sound-bite of The Lemon Pipers' (yes, they of 'Green Tambourine' infamy) song 'Shoeshine Boy' and if that doesn't sound like a dead ringer for early 'Enz' then I haven't got ears. The singer even sounds just like Tim, at least in the chorus. Only in this case it is what influenced SE and not the other way around.
Flicker posted:

Eminem's "Lose Yourself" bears a strong resemblance to the opening riff of "I Got You".

*bump* Ha ha, with the National Party currently being sued in court for allegedly stealing "Lose Yourself" for their political commercials, the similarity just struck me again. Ironically this news article actually makes a passing reference to Split Enz, although not in the context of "I Got You".

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