"Terrorize Me" (new song)

I'm not sure how others feel about it, but I just heard the performance of the new song "Terrorize Me" from a couple of days ago and it's a stunner.  Really, really powerful song!  Watch it below ... at 1 hour 59 minutes. Enjoy!





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Kerouac: Seems unlikely, since that attack was only in June this year and the other references in the song suggest Paris. But I was wondering, too. There is a lot of London in this album, which I find quite intriguing (though whenever I start pondering things like this I remember he might just have thrown that in "cause it sounded good"). Any other possible answers to this riddle?

Mica posted:

 (though whenever I start pondering things like this I remember he might just have thrown that in "cause it sounded good")

That was my thought. Second Nature demonstrates that he toys with lyrics up until the end, so I see no reason why he wouldn't add a line about London if he wanted to, even if it was mostly about Paris originally.

This song seems most in the classic Neil Finn style to me, in terms of lyrics. The music is pretty classic too, except for the Broadway-like chromaticism (which was hinted at on Walked Her Way Down). It's my favorite, though I wish he'd just mixed take 4 as is.

“Terrorise Me” has quickly become one of my favourite Neil Finn songs. Such a haunting and emotional melody.

I think that the “taxi down the Old Kent Road” might refer to where he was when he heard of the attacks. It’s not unusual to remember where you were when you first heard of terrible events - to this day I have vivid recollections of where I was and what I was doing when the September 11 attacks happened.  As Mica noted, there’s quite a few London references through the album, so perhaps Neil was there at the time. Then the line “in my distant home, I will write a melody.....” could refer to how the song came together in the studio later.


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