stop mentioning downloads and sites!

This evidently needs to be said because we're deleting a lot of posts lately.

Stop talking about downloading the music (illegally) and mentioning sites or software you used to download it. We are deleting these posts as we notice them, but they should never go up here. Why?

1) This site is related to the official fan club and PR company. We like that relationship. The artists and official people may NOT like someone officially connected illegally downloading, copying, or sharing these artists' music.

2) As an official place, it's quite possible that the artists, management, record companies, and others read this forum from time to time. That means that if you post that you downloaded a certain song from a file sharing site, guess what. You're admitting to a crime. Now, nothing could happen or something could happen. But if you never say "hey, I just got that rare track off" then you're just a little safer. We'd rather you NOT get angry letters from lawyers.

So please. Stop mentioning file sharing sites. Don't put songs up for download off your own site. Don't offer to sell or trade CDRs. All of these work against what the artists do, and as an officially-related site, we stand behind that strongly.

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