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I've just been looking at some of the Split Enz tabs available on the net (particularly those at Something So Finn) to discover they are littered with mistakes, I could only find Incognito In California that didn't have any mistakes (I didn't look at all of them, only a smattering), yet it neglected to tell the player you need a capo on the second fret before the chords are right. The Tab for charlie was absolutely woeful. Why am I ranting about this? Because I have correct tabs for nearly every Split Enz song and I want to share them. If anyone has any space for them step forward (and I swear the Matinee Idyll tab I saw was mine with my name taken off, as it contains the same mistake I made back in 1997 and was set out in exactly the same format) or if no one does I'll have to create a new Play It Strange web site. Either that, or I could post requests here. I wasn't going to say anything, but i remember how frustrating it is to want to be able toplay a song but not be able to work it out, only to find a tab that contained the wrong chords.

My Tabs also contain many Split Enz songs that get relegated to the too hard basket, like Late Last Night and The Woman Who Loves You. Hell, I've even worked out most of Nightmare Stampede.

End Rant.

Edited to add: In case anyone wonders why I was looking if I already know how to play them, it's a slow day at work....
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Well, if no one steps forward, I could probably scrape together some webspace easily enough.

I'd love to see a resurrected Play It Strange site, since there's an absolute heap of Split Enz songs I'd love to learn (that and I suck at working out chord progressions).
Thanks everyone, I would like to stress i think anyone who does tabs should be encouraged... it's just i know how frustrating it can be when they're wrong Smiler

What I've decided to do is to do each album track by track here on the forum first for feedback, and then ressurrect Play It Strange. Thanks Incognito, i did know it's there, but it looks so bad (can't you tell I'm hopeless at HTML Smiler ) and I like to pretend it doesn't exist and there are a few mistakes amongst those as well, I did all of that about seven years ago.

So don't go to Incognito's link, as my aural skills have improved as I fast approach 30, many of those tabs are probably wrong as well Smiler

As For Charlie, what a bugger of a second chord, it contains the notes F# B D# G C# E. I have decided to call it B11 add b13 so thats B11 (no seventh) with an added flat 13.

Like this: B11 add b13 221020

It's this chord that is always wrong...... even in the by request book if memory serves.

Watch this space for Mental Notes: Walking Down A Road.
Well, I'm probably going to have a crack at transcribing all the lead (electric) guitar on Spellbound (Mental Notes) fairly soon, unless anyone has done it already.

If I post it here when I get it done, anyone up for correcting/testing it out?
I always get lost during the instrumental section of Charlie when playing along with the live version using the By Request book.

And does anyone know where to find the proper bass tab for Dirty Creature? The versions I've seen online don't even seem remotely correct.

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