So, what do you think of One Nil?

So I have heard all of One Nil off of Napster (I preordered the album from Amazon, so I have paid for it), and I have to say that I am extremely impressed by what I have heard. The sound of the album is very warm, with enough "modern" touches to be interesting (lots of loops and keyboards), but I don't get the sense that Neil is experimenting like I did on TWT. In fact, the songs are extremely confident, and I think there are three or four that will be all time classics. "Last to Know" has a chorus that kills me everytime, "anytime" has a killer hook, and GREAT lyrics (maybe his best song yet), "Driving ME Mad", and "Secret God" are also obvious favorites. Damn, I am just excited, because this album sounds complete, and solid in a way that TWT didn't, to me. I will be hearing this one for a long time. If "Anytime" isn't a number one everywhere, then there is no justice....
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I'm in the same boat--preordered, but couldn't wait to listen. I have to say it DOES sound experimental, but the experimenting works very well; what about "Elastic Heart" or "Hole In The Ice"? We've never heard sounds like that from Neil before.

The production is quite incredible. I've never heard something so detailed and subtle. Most of all I get the impression of someone doing something they LOVE to do--making sure it's just right.

I don't know of any other artist who has been consistently excellent for 20+ years.
first instincts? i've only heard 5 songs, so far, thanks to emi :-) but so far i only really like rotdo and last to know. the climber is ok but hole in the ice and wherever you are just don't appeal to me. it's really disappointing...i'm used to loving every song, right off the bat, with the exception of only one or two. i hope the next 7 (?) work out better!
It sounds fantastic to me, much improved on TWT which I thought was a bit too experimental. Neil seems to have reverted to writing songs from inside his head instead of relying on loops for his inspiration. I've pre-ordered it thro Amazon, but managed to download most of it from Napster. I can't find Into the Sunset though, any ideas ? Also, I've got two spare tickets for Neil's concert in Nottingham if anyone wants to get in touch.
Give "Wherever You Are" a few more whirls. It reminds me of "Babylon" by David Gray, where I was thrown of by the electronic touches, but after a few listens, you can hear where it fits in, and actually is better then the accoustic version. Kinda reminds me of Weather With You, which took a few listens to warm up to. I really like Wendy and Lisa's influence, as well. They have grounded him, in a way. I think Neil is like Paul McCartney, in that he needs a collaborator, someone to reign him in a little bit, and I am glad to see Wendy perform the function Tim and Crowded HOuse did. Plus, I love Wendy and Lisa from Prince days....
I really liked the album and I can't wait for the official release, so I can have the real thing in my hands.
In my opinion, it's FAR better than TWT and if there is a God, "Anytime" will be a major hit!
Although, this album doesn't stop me from keep on praying for a Crowded House reunion...
I have to say that on first hearing, I was quite disappointed, but it has definitely grown on me. It's a great album and I've heard all the songs apart from the as yet elusive Into The Sunset. Another great one Neil... as for Donovans comments about Neil being past it, I think he should eat humble pie once he's heard this. I particularly like Hole In The Ice and Driving Me Mad, but I'm not as sure about Elastic Heart, although its 100 times better than anything in the charts at the moment, but that isnt hard :-)

Everything is good for you, if it doesn't kill you.
I spent all night downloading one nil (I've pre-ordered), I had a quick listen and was gutted!! I'd heard alot of the songs acoustically and liked them, but there was something in the production on one-nil that left me cold. Then I had a little sleep and another listen - and suddenly I was back in that euphoric limbo that Mr Finn seems to enjoy putting me favourites hitting me every four and a half minutes, not just favourite songs, but favourite moments in songs....head spinning delirium. I'm so struck by this's a touch of class in a world of pre-formed plastic pap. I can't see how it can fail to impress everyone. It seems so diverse and yet nothing seems out of place.....weird....beautiful....finn!

Make everybody buy it.....twice!!!

Two best (so far)moments....Anytime kicking in...and that tumbleweed running over neils desert heart in Turn and Run.
yes, i definitely love "hole in the ice" now. it's just the beginning that threw me off at first. but i'm still at 5:7...i'm skipping thru to hear "rest of the day off", "hole in the ice", "last to know", "elastic heart" and "driving me mad"...who knows where the others will place a week, month or year from now
I got my copy from Whammo last Thursday and it felt strange playing a new Finn release and knowing so many of the songs almost off by heart already.
The first time I played it, it was great but afterwards I sort of felt 'well, what do I do now?' and I was scared it wouldn`t have much of a lifespan.
But I should have known....

The beauty (and disadvantage commercially) of Neil`s songs has always been the way they seem to unfold and grow over time.
Even the songs that hit you right away aren`t quite as simple and straightforward as you imagined.
And I don`t think Neil has let us down at all with this release.

I can`t say there are any songs I don`t like on the album. The only ones I`m sometimes not in the mood for are Don`t Ask Why and Elastic Heart but they can still do it for me at the right time.

Last To Know is just stunning! Its almost the perfect pop song with the perfect production for it.
And to think when I originally heard the Largo version it sounded too plain.
Hole In The Ice is awesome. The way the chorus kicks in just gets better everytime.
And Into The Sunset must be one of the most beautiful songs ever. His vocal is sublime on that one.

Its simply an astonishing album packed with gorgeous melodies and killer chord changes that just sounds so 'alive'.
It really blows my mind to think he is still producing stuff like this.
In fact, its almost scary cos the more he pulls it off the more worried you become that his next album will be his slip-up.

But if this album is not a classic I don`t know what is.
Aaah, Neil Finn. Like a great bottle of wine, only a few seem to ever really appreciate it, and for those who do - they are better off for having tasted it.

One Nil - i love it. A few moments that I don't really understand, like Elastic Heart. But when you compare it to songs like "Driving me mad" and "Turn and Run" - woah. Spooky, yet brilliant. He writes songs that make you ask yourself how long can he keep doing it? I prefer One nil to TWT by quite a long way - the songwriting is just that bit more clever, and the songs are so much more stripped down and raw. Niiiiice.

that was my two cents. That'll be $2 please.
Having been reading the posts avidly... over anticipating the albums release in the UK, it's beginning to bug me that people are endlessly going on about production.

If the album relies on production - then it cannot be very good (unless it's dance music, where the production is vital), but for a songsmith like Neil Finn, surely production isn't important? People say that 'the production of the song made this one'... well, this begins to annoy me! Production doesn't make a good pop song.

For instance, i have been listening to Revolver (Beatles) lately, and the production is piss poor! but the songs are so good that it doesn't matter.

If people are gonna go on about how great the production is on the album, it's gonna make me have second thoughts when i buy the album. Surely it's the song which should be creditted... I don't hear people saying that the reason that DDIO or FAYF is so great is coz the production is incredable... grr!!

had to get that one off my chest.. i think i'll be able to sleep tonight now!

Don`t be misled Martin.
I think people are talking about the production because its so different to Try Whistling This.
I always thought that album was generally spacious in its production which is partly what made the studio/computer effects stand out (and annoy some people).
If you think about the title track and say, Twisty Bass, there`s a spaciousness and atmosphere there but you can also pick out everything thats going on in the background quite clearly.

One Nil is pretty much the opposite. It has a much fuller production, and you won`t hear so many little background effects.
Don`t get me wrong, there`s a lot going on, but its the strength of the songs that hold it up.
The best way I can think to describe it, is the production seems to make the songs larger than life.
And I don`t know if its just me, but Neil`s vocals seem much more to the front of the mix than the last album.
Maybe he`s just singing with more confidence but whatever the songs and melodies are definitely there.

And I`d disagree with you about production not being important to songsmiths, although I know where you`re coming from.
I think for someone like Neil who`s strength is in writing great acoustic guitar songs, the production is one way he can explore different ways of getting his songs across.
So far I'd rank One Nil as one of Neil's best, perhaps his most consistent, maybe even THE best. In my book it's right up there with OK Computer and Achtung Baby as one of the best modern albums in popular music..

Regarding the production, I disagree that it's not important and worth mentioning. The best song could be ruined by a poor production--has anyone ever heard the demo for "Walking On The Spot"? It's very new wave-ish, sort of like early Squeeze or Erasure. To hear that version one would never guess what a gorgeous melody was locked inside, which is what we hear on Together Alone.

And the production on One Nil IS incredible--the best I've ever heard. As was mentioned above, the mix isn't cluttered as it sometimes was in TWT, but put the headphones on and you'll hear an incredible amount of detail and refinement in the production. It can only help a good song to be produced well.
I really love One Nil too, but I loved TWT, and think it is a nice continuation of the strong song-writing with interesting clever production that has characterised his post CH output.

Favourite songs: The Climber, Driving Me Mad, Last To Know...bugger it, the whole album's my favourite!

Ps I love the cover and artwork too, especially the frayed look to the photograph that is the cover (it reminds me of an LP cover rather than a CD)and the '70s-style bubbles and font of 'Neil Finn, One Nil'.

I would agree that One Nil is some of Neil's best work all piled together. Favorite songs at this early date (after only 3 listens) are Anytime, The Climber, Wherever You Are and even though Sheryl Crow bugs the crap out of me, she sounds superb with Neil on Turn & Run. I am enjoying all the tracks on the CD (in varying degrees of course), truth be told. I even like Elastic Heart which hasn't been getting favourable reviews from most - reminds me of Bowie. Neil has identified Hunky Dory as a very influential album for him, so maybe it is a little Bowie tribute?

The CD case is very retro and I love seeing a lot of Nilfun artwork in the liner notes....

Happy listening, Christe
Well i admit Just before i played the CD i was a little worried that i would be up to what i expected...But it was FINN-TASTIC!
I love the groove and feel of the album, it leaves TWT and T/Alone for dead.
Fav songs so far include "rest of the day off, "Wherever you are", Turn and Run, "Anytme" and my very fav song from the album clearly is......
"Don't ask why"
I love the chorus, something you can sing along to in the car.

The album is currently number 9 on the ARIA charts, so c'mon people let's tell our friends the get this Album NOW!

And for us aussie folk, the radio stations didn't like Rest of the day off (i can kind see why) so let's bombare them with requests for the catchy "Don't ask why".
I dont' mean one or two requests i mean 30 or 40 to each person...Let's make it a Team effort people.
Oh. and get Peter Green to plead to Neil to release a double a-side for radio "Don't ask why" & Wherever you are".
Let's work together to help Neil.

Peter in Melbourne.

can i have another piece of choclate cake? - NEIL & TIM FINN
In the press and on this site many have mentioned Wendy and Lisa's involvement in One Nil, as well as Sheryl Crow..I can't believe I'm the first to mention Jim Keltner. He drums on about half the tunes...Last To Know, Hole In the Ice, others..he's a living legend among drummers, having played with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and just about every other major talent you could think of. His drumming is fantastic on One Nil.
Yep, Jim is a legend Session muso....and I can understand neil wanting to play with him....who wouldnt with a pedigree like that But, being a drummer myself I really dont think hes got much left to offer anyone. He's lost the feel he once had, and his drumming on Neil Youngs 'Silver & Gold' was terrible. I havnt got 'one Nil' because all the songs I've heard so far are boring. The best would have to be anytime...but even that goes crap in the middle really didnt need to be there. its made a great song average.


P.S. Jim kelter also played on 'now we're getting somewhere' from the 1st Crowded House album. That had a nice flow to it.
Do my eyes trick me?
Donovan has just said that the "One Nil" songs are boring and he has not brought the album!
It's a great album...and if you don't apologise to Neil, we might just have to strip you of your superfan status!

To hell with ANYONE who bags "One Nil".


"Any you don't ask why"
Neil Mullane FINN
Donovan, I totally disagree that Jim Keltner has "nothing left to offer"--ludicrous. He also drummed on Freedy Johnston's 1999 release "Blue Days, Black Nights" and he's fantastic there.

You probably haven't heard that or the work he's done recently with jazz greats Freddie Hubbard and Bill Frisell, or the tribute to great jazz drummers he did with Charlie Watts, the "JK/CW Project". Or Michael Penn or Richard Thompson..all of these have been within the last few years, and they were all excellent.

I agree you should stop dissing an album you haven't even bought--at least give it more than a cursory listen before you make a statement. Your opinion is very uninformed.
Hi everyone,

Is it just me or is Dovovan the most negative person on this earth?

Donovan you don't like Neil Finn that's ok! But please go away, and just post in Tim Finn.

How can you say that the songs are boring - the only thing that is boring, is you.( get the hint )

Yes, you are boring.

You diss Neil you diss me!!!!!!!!

I think that Neil Finn must've stole the heart of one of Donovan's former girlfriends, because there seems to be some kind of strange animosity in his posts about Neil.

Anyway, I'm still waiting on One Nil here in Canada.....patiently I might add. I'm waiting for the ROTDO CD single as well....but alas, its on backorder. In the meantime, I at least have just gotten Say It Is So and Escapade by Tim Finn to ease my anxiety.

Dont get me wrong....I'm a huge Crowded house fan. I have everything Neils ever released except for one nil. As I've said a bazillion times, I dont like Try Whistling This.....but thats it...Crowded House are fantastic! I guess my Neil pay-outs become more passionate because most of you are all so obsessed with him that in your eyes he can do no wrong. And in my eyes he can and has.

Is One Nil really really good like you all say? I must admit, I have heard all the songs off the album pretty much when they played it on JJJ, but I havnt given it a hardcore sit down and listen. Is it better than TWT? I remember when TWT came out people were prasing it just as much as one nil, even more maybe, and I think more people can see now that the TWT album just isnt good. Love is blindness.

but I'll give neil a sporting chance, I think I'll buy One Nil if nothing else just to keep my collection going. but from what I've heard it doesnt really have much going for it. Now dont get up me, I know you people take it personally or something when people say anything bad about Neil FInn, so I'll post my honest review of the album after I've had a good listen to it, and then I'll leave you all alone to think up more words to describe how good he is.


P.S. I'm really not that negetive a people bring out the worst in me!!
Don't count me in your generalization Donovan..if Neil put out a bad album, I wouldn't hesitate to admit it. It seems to me you'd already decided you wouldn't like One Nil before it even came out.

As far as our reactions to your negativity, what do you expect on a Neil Finn forum?
There aren't any songs on One Nil that turn me off (then again, I've never heard a Neil Finn song that turned me off completely). That being said, Driving Me Mad jumps out as my favorite. WYA, ROTDO, ITS, TAR, and Climber are excellent as well. I'd say I like 1-0 and TWT equally, but for totally different reasons. In the grand scheme of things, neither are better than any of the CH cds (with the possible exception of Woodface). Regardless, Neil's done it again!
Have read all your views with interest. I have just received my copy of One Nil and am slowly getting to know it. Straight away I love Wherever You Are, Last To Know, Don't Ask Why, Secret God, Turn and Run, not sure about the rest yet. Mind you I didn't like TWT when I first heard it but I love it now and still play it every chance I get so I am hoping that One Nil will be the same after a few listens. I also thought some of the songs reminded me of Bowie.
The new album is great. I was worried at first, TWT never caught on with me (NEVER). I imported it from NZ over a week ago and can't stop listening.

Wendy & Lisa have brought their magnificent collaborative talents to this recording! I NEVER saw that one coming...THANK YOU NEIL!!! I've always admired their style. Two of the funkiest, classiest chicks out there! If you're interested in hearing how they've affected the sound, check out Seal's first CD. They're all over it.

The songs on One Nil unfold every time you listen to them. This CD was worth 2x the price!


I'm a big fan of this album, and this tour was my first Neil experience. Lately I've been going through unnamed songs in my iTunes library and have come across the songs from One Nil and am adding them to my One All playlist. 

I'm not sure where my final mix order will be. I always loved the way the Climber faded into Take the rest of the day off. Which was detrimental to me, because more than once after listening to it, I did exactly that, and take the rest of the day off.  Flex hours are great unless you need to get paid.

Incidentally: From Don't Ask Why: "you know exactly what I need, you know exactly what I've done" is one of those moments of hook that really grabs me, 

Wow, nice revival of an old thread! One Nil/One All is the album that got me into Neil Finn in the first place and I still think it stands up as some of his strongest work. I rank it up there with Together Alone as one of Neil's strongest albums. I think the forthcoming Out of Silence may rank up there too, it's sounding great so far!

Honestly, hope that new album wont have anything much with One Nil/All, sorry To me, considered as his weakest point in carreer, "odd" album made of many songs with great potential ( Turn and Run, Last to Know, Anytime, Wherever you are, Driving me Mad) but never reach it because of lousy arangments and misguided production. In hands of CH band it would probably be one his best, and that is most strange part. Hope that new one (which I am delibarately stay away from till its finished) will go in other directions

Well, you know what, I'll take what I can get. In those days, this is what was offered (along with a tour in the US).

There was also a "borderline" concert I came across (and listen to on long car trips with my young one) which features many of these songs, so I guess there's some nostalgia there.

I loved the Dizzy Heights webcasts yet found the album lacking. Maybe if he'd have toured in a reachable region for me, I'd have more love for that one too. 

Sam Hollander posted:

It used to be I could really do without the awful production of the middling songs on One Nil, but after listening to Neil's latest dreck, I think One Nil sublime by comparison 

Am not sure what you are reffering at -  Dizzy Heights or songs you heard for future Out of silence album?

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