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I was in a large supermarket so I thought I would peruse the physical music magazines to see if they had reviewed OOS.  Although its  not quite mid September they all have their October editions out  so I flipped through Q, Mojo and Uncut and found - nothing.

Now I didn't look in detail and I'm happy to be corrected if someone else has read a mag review but I think OOS has been overlooked by these reviewers.

More to the point I believe Neil probably wouldn't care. Neil has described the making of  this album as an experiment. Well maybe it's an experiment in another way too, maybe Neil is trying to discover if a short pre-promo  period direct to his Frenz, funded cost effectively by webcasting  is as effective or more so than a period of post promotion touring in selling his music.

Yes, I know touring is often more profitable than record making these days, but not if you are recording and touring with an orchestra. So maybe Neil thinks that the media are unreliable, so he wants to bypass it and rely on pre-promo and the quality of the songs to sell the album.  It maybe in a digital age this is the best way to sell an album like OOS for the best return.



Not only I enjoy this album more than any of his in many recent years (you can read my first impressions after first listening in that topic ), but seems to me that critics so far (mainly Aus, NZ, some UK) are also more overwhelmed than with any before, maybe even from time of Woodface and Together Alone. With every wright, by me!

Kittybear, I am also unpatiently waiting for critics from UK main medias, such as Mojo, Q, Uncut etc... Maybe they will pass by it, but I expect that big medias will wright reviews only after physical release of album...

Also, I read somewhere that LA Times had short but very positive review of new album. If someone finds it, please put it here...

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