New Tim Finn album...?

I personally don't think the club has focused too much on Split Enz or Tim, and there has certainly never been a lack of focus on CH. Just looking at the club releases for example, there have been far more cds by CH over Tim/Finn Bros and there has never been an Enz one in the original run of live cds. And there were always tons of CH photo sets, badges, dvds, video newsletters, things like the necklace, belt buckle, signed stuff, books etc.

It could be the fact that during the CH hiatus (2 of them, years long!), it might come across as the club not focusing on them. But what can it focus on? There is nothing happening in those quiet periods. Thankfully, that should all change this year with the hive of activity around the corner.

What's the big fuss? Many years ago, I became aware of the fanclub. I was also painfully aware that I'd missed out on the opportunity to buy quite a few excellent fan club CDs. I'm a fan of CH, NF, FB, SE, TF and PC (possibly in that order, but there's not a lot in it). Rather than moan about missing out, I bit the bullet and joined the fanclub on an annual subscription. At some point, a few life memberships were made available, I snapped one up. At no point have I regretted doing so.

Various things have been made available through the fanclub, sometimes exclusively, from cds to advance ticket sales. Sometimes I've taken advantage of such offers, sometimes I haven't. At no point have I ever been forced to buy anything I didn't want. Sometimes I've passed on things because I simply didn't want them, sometimes because I couldn't afford them. Occasionally I've regretted not buying something when I had the chance. My primary interests are rare/unreleased studio recordings, signed copies (of full releases) and concert ticketing/information. I'm not that interested in live recordings and ephemera, but those that are interested in such items are well served.

It's a shame that anyone would feel quite so aggrieved over what is essentially a very simple concept. For good or ill, fanclub members have the opportunity to buy some rather exclusive things. The various Split Enz affiliates and offshoots invariably look after the loyal fanclub members well in this regard. I can't really understand the reluctance to join the fanclub. Unless it's a financial impossibility, to refuse strikes me as cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Thanks for letting us know. Personally, I am sad to hear these news, unless it means that the songs will be released in another way, as part, for example, of Tim’s rarities series launched back in 2008 with “Rarities/Demos/Live Performances Vol. 1.”

Or is it the case that even together with Dorothy Porter’s lyrics there is not too much interest from the audience in Tim’s rare pieces of music?

Much has been said in this forum about the lack of Tim’s ambition in releasing any new CD as a performer or solo artist. Still, I keep hoping that once he will make his songs available for those who wish to listen to them.

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