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Here are the lyrics for the new song Never Return in case anyone is interested. I've marked the one point where it isn't clear what he's saying. In terms of the third co-writer, I wondered whether some of these lyrics had been borrowed from somewhere. I had a google but couldn't find anything, maybe with the full lyrics someone else will have some more luck.


Never Return [Described as 'a work in progress']


The preacher has lost his faith and brilliance
His words are met with silence
How soon the tide has turned
A comeback is always a confession
An obvious expression
Of how the heart still yearns

Now I've finally learned
You can never return

When you feel no longer needed
It's painful to believe it
The radiance has fled
Here I go again
Preaching love and laughter
But its the morning after
The atmosphere is dead

Now I've finally learned
You can never return
To the golden age

And all the angels have been driven away
No easy plain (?) when you go against the grain
But I've got more to give
But I won't be born again

Oh oh oh oh verse

Now I've finally learned
You can never return x5

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Perhaps I've missed a thread where this song has been discussed. Is this something he has been singing at recent shows? Any info as to when it originated? Was it considered for Dizzy Heights? And you mention "third co-writer"- who is the second?

And most importantly, any way to hear this-posted on you-tube, or perhaps a file you could share? I'm always excited to find new rarities!

Sorry, I should have been clearer. This song was played at the second Melbourne show, I think the first and only time played so far. When introducing it he said that it was something he had written with Tim and 'a third co-writer', and that we might be able to figure out who the third person is by googling the lyrics.


In terms of sharing. I'm about half way through processing the second night and then I'll move on to the first. Once I'm done with night two I'll post a link to download it as FLAC or MP3, plus a link to the new song if that's all you want.

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