Mastermind - 6 October 2017 - Crowded House specialist subject

On Friday's BBC mastermind a contestant has Crowded House as her specialist subject.

According to her Twitter post it was filmed in the summer so there's no point in saying good luck.  But I will say well done. She is a lot braver than me.

I will be watching to see if I can answer any of the questions.


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Original Post

I reckon the questions will be about Crowded House 

Sorry, that's really sarcastic.. I reckon they will include:

  • Recording location of Together Alone
  • Craig Hooper
  • Supertramp (Mark Hart)
  • Hunter and Collectors (Nick Seymour's brother)
  • The Mullanes
  • UK chart postitions

Your time starts now

For those of us no in the UK, I am hoping someone would be kind enough to list the questions and the answers.  It may be awhile before someone puts it up on youtube and I can't see  it on the BBC website.  This is killing me.  Which drummer were they asking about?  Which charity were they asking about?

Okay, boys and girls playing at home, 2 minutes starting now.

1. The band called themselves "Crowded House" after the cramped conditions of the property they shared while they were recording their first album. In which city was that property?

2. Which song from the band's debut album became their first UK hit single in 1987?

3. Which famous singer is mentioned in the lyrics of the Neil and Tim Finn composition "She goes on"?

4. What was their only UK top 10 single, which reached number 7 in 1992?

5. What is the name of the drummer from Sheryl Crow's band brought in to replace Paul Hester when he left the band at short notice in 1994 during their American tour?

6. To which record label did CH sign in 1985? Their self-titled first album was released the following year.

7. What is the title of the first track of their album "Together Alone", after a place west of Auckland where the album was mainly recorded?

8. Two of the co-founders of CH, Neil Finn and Paul Hester had previously been members of another Antipodean band that had enjoyed some success in the late 70s and early 80s - what was it called?

9. CH played a farewell concert on the steps of the Sydney Opera House in November 1996. They shared the proceeds with a bloodbank and which local institution?

10. Who joined the band in 1990 and appeared on their "Woodface" album only to leave again towards the end of the following year during the European tour to promote it?

11. What honour was given to both Tim and Neil Finn for their services to music in June 1993?

12. Who produced the band's first three studio albums?

13. Which band member has designed several CH album sleeves including the front cover painting for "Recurring Dream"?

Okay, I think I would have gotten 10 out of 13.  I guess you need to study the subject before you go on the show.  I couldn't remember the drummer's name but I do remember he played for them.  I couldn't remember the name of the charity but I remembered that they did raise money for a charity.  I also got my British honours mixed up but I do know that they did receive them.


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