Light Sleeper

With all the Fleetwood Mac distraction, it’s easy to forget that there is still a Neil and Liam album to look forward to in August.

I thought I would start a topic where we can add details as they come to light. What do we know so far?

The name has been confirmed as Light Sleeper, it is a 10 tracker and due for release in late August.

There will be 10 songs from:

Any Other Way, Where's My Room, Meet Me in the Air, Anger Plays a Part, Hold Her Close, Listen, Back to Life, Paxos, Troubles, Hiding Place, We Know What it Means, Ghosts.

It will be interesting which 2 songs don’t make the cut. All the above songs have been played at least 5 times this year. Maybe the other two will also show up as bonus tracks?

Neil confirmed at Largo that Back to Life will be a single and that a video has been made.

Not too much has been given away with regard to who else contributed to the album - Connan Mockasin confirmed in an interview that he contributed to some songs (and can clearly be heard on Where’s My Room which has had a vinyl single release). Neil has also recently confirmed that Mick Fleetwood played drums on some tracks.

We still don’t know who produced the album.

Still no sign of cover art either yet.

Then there was the footage shot during the NZ small town tour. Hopefully that will see the light of day as part of the promotion...

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slowpogo posted:
Whysus posted:


We still don’t know who produced the album.

I thought I read somewhere (on this forum?) that Tchad Blake was involved. Maybe he mixed it, maybe he also produced it?

At last night's show, I was sitting next to somebody in the "Neil camp".  Perhaps in management.  He said that he's heard the upcoming album "Light Sleeper" and that it is "really good."

Secret God (Stew) posted:

Thanks for the summary Whysus.

Would anyone be able to list the songs by songwriter? I'm not familiar enough yet with this new batch of songs to know who the main songwriter or lead vocalist is. And are there any true duets? Any information relating to that would be great.

This is completely a guess based on who took the lead on vocals and songwriting style.

I am pretty much certain the following are Liam songs :

  • Anger Plays A Part
  • Hold Her Close
  • Ghosts

I think that Hiding Place is largely a Liam song, but I'm not as sure as I am with the others.

I am pretty much certain that the following are Neil songs:

  • Listen
  • Back to Life

I am guessing the following are co-writes

  • Where's My Room (almost seems like a Liam song and Neil song connected together - In the same sort of way as The Beatles "Day in A Life"
  • Meet Me In the Air 
  • Any Other Way
  • Paxos

Troubles sounds like a Neil song to me, but I think Liam predominately sings. Perhaps a co-wrote as well. Maybe somebody who heard it recently at Largo has a better take on that. It has been a while since I heard these songs live now...

I haven't heard We Know What it Means, so can't comment on that one...

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