Favorite Album(s) of 2017 (so far)

What are your favorite albums of 2017 thus far?  Here's mine:

1. Aimee Mann - Mental Illness

2. Ron Sexsmith - The Last Rider

3. Ray Davies - Americana

4. San Fermin - Belong

5. Colin Hay - Fierce Mercy

6. Real Estate - In Mind

7. Ryan Adams - Prisoner

8. Hurray For The Riff Raff - The Navigator

9. Laura Marling - Semper Femina

10. Valerie June - The Order of Time


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Ah I really love best albums lists! I don't have a lot of favourites yet. Need a lot of time with albums before I really like them. And there were some really nice 2016 albums that needed urgent attention :-) 

2017 albums I love:

  1. Moss - Strike
  2. Various artists - Resistance radio


Albums that are sinking in:

  1. Kendrick Lamar - Damn
  2. Hippo Campus - landmark
  3. Alexander F - Alexander F
  4. Spoon - Hot thoughts

Well I can't think of a single album actually.

However I did pre-order Echobellys new record on Pledge Music, and Liam Gallaghers new record is sure to be what has been missing from Oasis over more recent years.

So, apart from that, not much else.


Herbalife posted:

Well I can't think of a single album actually.

Wow, so it's not just me!

For the first time in my life, I am struggling trying to find any new music at all that knocks me out.  I've listened to a bunch of new stuff recently, but nothing that has had any staying power at all with me, either by new or established artists.

I did listen to the recent Real Estate album, and although I think it's the best stuff I've heard from them, they still don't knock me out.  The new album by the Feelies, who are in some ways Real Estate's New Jersey ancestors, is well worth hearing, so I guess that is the sole item on my list at the moment.  Although I wouldn't say it's knocking me out, more like if you liked the Feelies 30 years ago, you'll like this one too.  A bit pastoral for them though.

Well I would not remember The Feelies because 30 years ago was 1987 and I was just being born then.

My earlier music memories would probably be Crowded House's Weather with you actually funnily enough around when I was 4, so that was 1991, on the radio and Icehouse who put the writing on the wall.

That is the earliest songs I remember.

And about music not knocking you out? What do you mean by that exactly? It knocks me out all the time, because its so bad.

The Killers and that new zealand band Pluto (great name - after the dog from 100 dalmations and the planet?) were on the radio here 10 years ago or just over and it was the most dull dreary depressing nonsense ever.

So bad memories those.

Its to bad Neil hasn't made a rock album with 12 Locked Outs on it, to squash it all.

That is what was needed back in 2005. 

I don't know about music, but I feel its been so stifled and commercial for so long something will change with radio and the music industry very soon!

Because it needs to start making profitable money again, otherwise no one is gonna want to be involved in it and music will die. And no new bands will ever come along.

The last somewhat interesting band to come out was Stereophonics 1997 or Black rebel motorcycle club which was 2000, as in a band that is in the style of a more classic type of rocknroll type band....

Nothing after captures my imagination in anyway whatsoever.

Nobody writes proper songs anymore they just write laid back wish washy stuff.

No proper chorus, or versus and rhyming is the devil as far as most songwriters are concerned today.


I would say its a generational one as from what I can see music has become gradually worse and worse over the years (if you do an overview of it...)

Of course there is the odd song from different releases that if it made up more of the radio playlist then the world would be a much more optimistic place.

Neil Finns last album comes to mind which I did not hear on the radio at all, but New Zealand has had all its radio stations taken over by corporations now and big network giants with sharp claws.

So I hope now with the luxury of the internet (which you didn't need so much years ago) perhaps a movement with that might grab peoples attention.

I think of 1995 as the last real great year for music mainly because of the following reasons Oasis and Crowded House, but Oasis messed up their 3rd album and Crowded House ended a year later so.....to me that was the last great year for SONGS.


The only album from this year that has "knocked me out" is the new Aimee Mann album.  It may not reach the God-like heights on her peak albums (Bachleor #2 and Whatever) but it has freaking brilliant songs that only elite songwriters like her and Neil Finn can write.  Here's the video to the song "Patient Zero".

Actually because I am really rocknroll........and love alternative rock, Bush's new album Black and white rainbows has been released. I became suspicious about Gavin Rossdale, but I assume he is an alright kind of person.

Maybe he just gets bad press and makes him look bad.

Still anyone successful in the music industry can be exposed to the darkside, and I don't mean, orgies and drugs....(....) I mean black magic and eating children.

I agree with Sugar Mouse, the new Sufjan Stevens live album is excellent. (Thanks for posting the video link.)

Also, I thought the cover artwork is a little similar to the first 7 Worlds Collide live album...  Maybe Sufjan is a Finn fan?? :-) That would be a very interesting collaboration!

We're in the home stretch of 2017 and it's been a fantastic year for music. So many great albums especially by older artists. 

What are your favorite albums of the year?  Here's mine as it stands today ... it will likely change by the time I finish typing this post.

1. Neil Finn - Out of Silence

2. The National - Sleep Well Beast

3. Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell Live

4. Fleet Foxes - Crack-up

5. Mount Eerie – A Crow Looked at Me

6. Colin Hay - Fierce Mercy

7. Neil Young - Hitchhiker

8. Ron Sexsmith - The Last Rider

9. Aimee Mann - Mental Illness

10. Alison Moyet - Other

11. Lorde - Melodrama

12. War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

13. Jason Isbell - The Nashville Sound

14. Offa Rex (The Decemberists & Olivia Chaney) - The Queen of Hearts

15. Justin Townes Earle - Kids In The Street

16. Tori Amos - Native Invader

17. Justin Currie - This Is My Kingdom

18. Alvvays - Antisocialities

19. Ray Davies - Americana

20. Roger Waters - Is This The Life We Really Want?

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