Crowded House vinyl: original or reissues?

Mainly because I already have the albums on vinyl, original CD and now deluxe CD. How many copies does one need?

Also because, frankly, I really can't stand the modern habit of crushing the dynamics out of music. The deluxe remasters are really hard for me to enjoy because all the life and dynamics have been sucked out of the first three. I suspect that the vinyl was mastered from the new CD masters so, basically, you'd be buying the CD music on vinyl.

Yeah, totally get the “how many versions do I really need?” thing.

Your second point I suspected as well, but would love an impression from someone who has the reissue vinyl. Is it just the reissue CD mastering slapped on vinyl? That’s certainly the case sometimes but not always.

You know what, I totally forgot: I did buy one of the remasters. I bought Afterglow because it hadn't previously been issued on vinyl. It uses the remastered CD master. Of course, I can't compare that with the original vinyl, because there wasn't any.

I liked Afterglow, although Paul advised that it was less dynamic than the original B-sides were. I don't have them to compare.

I keep thinking about buying the remastered Temple, but I haven't managed to convince myself yet.

Slowpogo - do you have the originals already, or are you trying to decide between buying originals or remasters?

I haven't been paying attention to prices for the originals, have they come down since the reissues happened? My gut feeling is that for the debut and Woodface you would undoubtedly be best served by originals - specifically the US CH and the Euro WF (I also have Aus copies of both - they are not bad, but the other ones are better). Another option for Woodface would be the EMI100 version - haven't heard it, but supposed to be good.

Together Alone - unsure. I'm happy enough with my original, and seeing as they didn't make it a double LP, I wouldn't imagine the new one would help much, but I could be wrong.

As mentioned, Temple is the only one I'm kind of thinking about buying, for the new EQ. If the LPs were more dynamic than the CD remasters, that could end up being quite nice, but nobody has confirmed or denied that yet. See my post in the other thread for more Temple thoughts, if you want.

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