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In the age of playlists, some of us edit and rearrange songs to fit our personal tastes.  This would have been considered sacrilegious just a few years ago, but it can be a lot of fun as you peace together your own album construction. I thought it would be fun for us to post our playlists for the new songs to see what others are thinking and enjoying. 

Here's my playlist list (all are album versions except as marked) ... :

1. Love Is Emotional

2. More Than One Of You (with the early song "clunk" removed)

3. Second Nature (single version)

4. Chameleon Days

5. Independence Day

6. Alone (version 2 from week four)

7. Widow's Peak

8. The Law Is Always On Your Side

9. Serious In Love (from week three)

10. Terrorise Me

11. I Know Different (version 3 from week four)

12. Guiding Star (from the 2008 compilation album "Caution: Life Ahead - Artists For Recovery")

So overall, I adore this album. Can't wait to hear it again ...

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I would love to add Serious In Love and You Still Got It, but sadly my desktop that I used to convert songs to mp3 is in the shop with no end in sight. I've downloaded Audacity to my laptop, but haven't had any luck getting it to work properly. Anybody that could send mp3's of those songs to would be most appreciated. Ska and orchestra of Serious would be great!

For me, it's been a week of non-stop listening and non-stop song shuffling and I think I've settled on my favorite "Out of Silence" playlist order ... I love having Independence Day, Widow's Peak, I Know Different, and Guiding Star as the closing four tracks.  And I love having Second Nature/Chameleon Days/Terrorise Me as the "meat" of the lineup as well as Alone/Ray of Hope/Serious in Love as the "turning point" of the story.

1.  Love Is Emotional

2.  More Than One Of You

3.  Second Nature

4.  Chameleon Days

5.  Terrorise Me

6.  Alone

7.  Ray of Hope

8.  Serious In Love

9.  The Law Is Always On Your Side

10.  Independence Day

11.  Widow's Peak

12.  I Know Different

13.  Guiding Star

Any other playlist out there?

Not sure if others are doing the same, but I'm really enjoying playing around with different song orders and also adding some old Neil songs to create my own personalized Out of Silence "deluxe" album. 

Here is my current favorite "Out of Silence" playlist (with the YouTube clip of each) which sends shivers down my spine with each listen:

1.  Love Is Emotional

2.  More Than One Of You

3.  Second Nature

4.  Independence Day

5.  Terrorise Me

6.  The Law Is Always On Your Side

7.  You Are The One To Make Me Cry (from "Time on Earth")

8.  Nobody Wants To (from "Time on Earth")

9. People Are Like Suns (piano version) (from "Time on Earth Deluxe Edition")

10.  Alone

11.  Shower (from the "Rain" Soundtrack)

12.  Ray of Hope (from "Kitchen Sink I")

13.  Serious In Love (from "Infinity Sessions" week three)

14.  Spirit of The Stairs (from "Kitchen Sink I")

15.  Widow's Peak

16.  Chameleon Days


17.  I Know Different

18.  Guiding Star (from the "Caution: Artists for Recovery" benefit album)

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