A long, long shot - Dublin '91/'92

I don't know if anyone could possibly help here but I thought I'd ask after all these years! Smiler

In summer 1992 I heard an interview with Neil Finn on Gerry Ryan's morning show on RTE Radio 2. Neil told a story about how at the previous year's show in '91 an opera singer was invited up on stage from the audience at The Olympia in Dublin, and sung the most incredible version of Better Be Home Soon. Anyway Neil, Nick and Paul were so impressed that when it came to the '92 show, they put out a search call to see if the opera singer could be found again, so that they could be invited back onstage to sing it with them once more.

I don't know if they were ever found...I missed the '92 show and it's bugged me ever since! Were any forum members there? Did it happen?
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Hi Anselm

My name is Joe. I'm the guy who sang with CH in 91 (Nov 2nd in Olympia). I did get to sing with them again in 92 in the National Stadium. 

I'm not an opera singer but I nailed it that night so it must have sounded good.

I hope this reaches you. I'm on my holidays and somehow stumbled across your query.

I was 17 when I sang with CH and am 43 now. 

I'm based in Dublin. If you want to hook up let me know. I've a son and a partner so not looking for anything but the odds of you asking that question are incredible. 

I'd love to meet up and talk about CH.

All the best, Joe.




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