2 Live dates for Neil+ Liam Finn. 2018

Are these the only 2 Aussie shows that Neil and Liam will do, or are there more to come?

Not sure I really want to do a Zoo show, my experience of the Melbourne ones is that they feel a bit odd if you go by yourself, but if it's the only option then I'll get on it.

I also assume it might be a bit of an effort getting back to Wollongong on public transport after the show...

Huh, Taronga tickets are on sale right now. Looked like the presale had run out when I posted previously, and the general sale doesn't commence until tomorrow.

But I decided to jump on it, even if getting home might be a pain and even if other shows are announced. Who was I kidding, I'm enough of a sucker for Neil that I'll go to anything, and I've been wanting to see one of his gigs with Liam for a while.

Liams facebook suggests there will be more touring: 

And so it begins.
Yeah, been low key... but not lazy.
Became a father - Made a record with my father - both complex and intense. Still need a band name. I like Finncest but doesn't seem to suit.

Shows performing these new songs are starting to get announced. At this point all Southern Hemisphere. But I have a craving.


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