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Announcements Announcements (51 topics)

This is where you'll find important administration messages about this forum or some other aspect of If you see a post here, please read it!

General Frenz General Frenz (657 topics)

General questions, comments, or suggestions about, this forum, or the fan club. Any other post should go in its appropriate forum; please read each forum's description to find the right place for your post.

Split Enz Split Enz (1,798 topics)

Split Enz.

Last Post 8 hours ago on Conflicting Emotions
Crowded House Crowded House (4,290 topics)

Crowded House.

Neil Finn Neil Finn (3,089 topics)

Neil Finn solo and other projects outside of his work with Split Enz and Crowded House.

Last Post 3 hours ago on Eddie Vedder in Seattle
Tim Finn Tim Finn (1,081 topics)

Tim Finn solo and other projects outside of his work with Split Enz and Crowded House.

Finn Brothers Finn Brothers (1,758 topics)

Talk about Finn Brothers music here, or if you're going to fight about who's better, do it here.

Phil Judd/Schnell Fenster Phil Judd/Schnell Fenster (361 topics)

Phil Judd solo, Schnell Fenster, and other Phil endeavours outside of his work with Split Enz.

Last Post 4/10/14 1:41 AM on Phil Judd's Soundcloud
Paul Hester/LLT Paul Hester/LLT (311 topics)

Paul Hester's other projects outside of his work with Crowded House.

Last Post 3/27/14 5:22 AM on Nine Years-RIP Paulo- 1959-2005
Liam Finn / Betchadupa Liam Finn / Betchadupa (458 topics)

Discussion of Liam Finn's music, both solo and with Betchadupa.

Last Post 4/15/14 2:05 PM on Liam news,new album and murmurations
Other Spin-Offs/ Related Bands / Projects Other Spin-Offs/ Related Bands / Projects (396 topics)

Other related bands, musicians and projects like ALT, Deadstar, Bic Runga, members of Split Enz and Crowded House solo, and musicians who've worked with them.

Last Post 3 hours ago on Mark hart- "The Backroom" New album
Soundtracks/TV/Commercials/Anthems Soundtracks/TV/Commercials/Anthems (98 topics)

Frenz-related musicians' work for movies, tv, commercials, anthems, charities, and the like.

Last Post 9/16/13 12:43 PM on Hearing CH in unusual places
Wanted/For Sale/Trades Wanted/For Sale/Trades (1,773 topics)

Looking for something frenz-related? Post your request to buy, sell, or trade, or what can be found at online auctions. No CDRs/illegal copies of record company or fan club releases may be listed. No trading copies of other bands' stuff since we don't have their permission to allow that! No fan club items may be offered for more than what you paid or offered for auction. Sorry, but the fan club asks that, and we're happy to look out for them.

Last Post 23 hours ago on FS: Tickets for Dublin
Original Creations Original Creations (140 topics)

Here is where the Frenz get creative themselves: post or grab ring tones, desktop themes, and other fun fan-made stuff. Please do NOT post MP3s or files that could be considered copyright infringements.

All I Ask All I Ask (2,824 topics)

Non-Frenz Music Posts (Within The Rules) Go Here! Join my band, visit my site, listen to the artistry of my music, vote for something music-related, make a radio request, who wants to meet up not related to a concert or appearance, and other non-frenz musical topics.

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